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Monday, April 18, 2011


Emmy Lou and I decided to take a road trip, as this past weekend was parent's weekend/ring weekend at A&M. I have decided that the easiest way to make yourself feel old is to visit
Trey '11, Emmy Lou '06, FOB '78
your alma mater. BUT on the bright side it never fails to take you back and help you remember all the crazy memories you made. Pretty much every sentence began with, "remember when..." or "he looks just like...". It never got old... 

If you went to A&M you know what a big deal ring weekend is and if you didn't then you probably think that we are all crazy. Personally, I think it is one of the best traditions A&M has. I cannot tell you how many times I have bee somewhere and someone has noticed my aggie ring. It is a great conversation starter.

Our plan: sneak into college station and surprise Trey (emmy lou's younger brother), who was finally getting his aggie ring. Of course that was a giant FAIL..surprise wise. But overall the day was a success. Never a dull moment...I don't think I have laughed that hard in a very long time. 

A not so quick run-down of the shenanigans...First stop the Green. Trey is a member of the Parson's Mounted the seniors got to show off their mad horse riding skills and how they could BTHO of a watermelon on horseback. It was pretty sweet. Next stop, Wehner for his outfit presentation, where Reville barked the entire time. Use to be when she barked class was dismissed... Side note: I took accounting freshman year, first semester in this exact room...I will never forget some moron trying to cheat off me. So dumb he didn't realize my test was pink and his was green. Good job, idiot.

Now that is was 215 and we had not been fed we decided that we had to go to Sonic, just for a snack. First order: two cranberry lime slushes (medium), one lime slush (Route 44), one sweet tea (large), one un-sweet tea (medium), two pickle-o's aka pick-a-nose, and one order mozzarella sticks...Ten minutes later order number two: two orders popcorn chicken and one order pickle-o's. Good thing you can just push a button. Five minutes later: FOB "my tea was not very big" Emmy Lou "order number three?". Next stop, cajun dinner? I think so. Reville VII's keeper invited the entire outfit and all their family over for food and fun. 

After an eventful auction and great food we headed out to Honey and Alvin's. While sitting on the back porch emmy lou was "attacked" by a tiny field mouse and FOB had to pay a nickel a chip... What a great day! Thanks family for letting me be a part of the day!

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