Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Suess

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Skies Over Austin



Who to see?? Ray Lamontagne, Coldplay, Kanye West, Fitz and the Tantrums, Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses, Empire of the Sun, Gomez, TV on the Radio, Cold War Kids, Bright Eyes, Santigold, Iron and Wine, Cut Copy, Chromeo, My Morning Jacket, Awolnation, Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, Foster the People, The Young and the Giant....that is all I can remember.

This year was my first to go to ACL! Not gonna lie it was amazing! How can a music lover ask for anything more? Friday was by far the best day in my opinion. Started out with Ray Lamontagne and ended with Coldplay. This marks the fifth time that I have seen them and this is the first time they played my all time life is complete!

After Codplay emmy lou and I thought it would be worth it to check out Kayne West hoping that he would do something completely stupid...Our wish was his command. He started a song over more than once...Don't hurt me when I say this but he is definitely over rated! That's right, I said it!

On to Saturday! The fun began before we even got to the park. Emmy lou being cool and being from Shiner knew about the Shiner Beer Garten, where we started our day. The kolaches were legit. Emmy lou put the third degree on the guy serving them to make sure they were from a real Shiner bakery before we ate them! Now I don't know if you can handle this, but we made a Shiner flip book. If I could some how record it and post it, I would. It might just be the coolest thing you have ever seen. Patrick is going to get married three times just so he can have one at the reception. Not going to lie. It is sitting on our coffee table and is a great source of entertainment. Just sayen...Once we actually got into the park there were two additional highlights to the day: the weather and people watching.  We have not had rain in months and the one day the entire city planned to be outside the heavens opened up. It was perfect! Good bye 100 degrees temperatures hello rainfall.

Now on to the people watching. I don't know what it is about high school and college kids these days. Granted I was in college not that long ago, but who ever said acid rinsed cut off mom jeans were back in style was seriously mistaken. That was not the most tragic offense. Take this girl for instance...You are a young cute girl, but your outfit consisting of a skort (for those of you who don't know, that is the means a skirt that is really shorts) baggy blouse and squaw shoes make you look like a confused blonde pocahontas from the 90s...and what is with the scrunnchi? Maybe it is because these fashion trends were around when I was young but seriously...look in a full length mirror before you leave the house. Don't get me wrong, I am sure I have been a victim of bad fashion but this is just not okay. And it was not just this girl. Pretty much every young girl walking around had a similar outfit. But you know what? Good for her. I mean "GOOD FOR YOU"...If she has the confidence to pull it off then by all means go, fight, win...

Anticipated music highlight of Saturday night was Stevie Wonder...I know he is a legend but I was seriously disappointed. I did not pay to hear you spout off your political beliefs. If you are famous, use it to fight for a good cause not shove your opinions onto the people who are there to hear you do what you do best, perform. I had high hopes, but I am going to have to say the Fitz and the Tantrums out shinned him. Check them out! They had so much energy and a great sound! We saw so many people I can't even remember them all!

I don't know how or why it has taken me so long to mention this, but we are kind of a big deal.We saw a famous person (the musicians don't count)...Christian Bale aka the Batman. I am pretty sure I went deaf in one ear for a little while because emmy lou screamed that loud when she saw him. Check one off her bucket list. Word is he was filming a movie. So you may see us in the background when it comes out on the big screen. Not saying that you will, but there is a chance...So cute...Now I know I live under a rock, but I do remember the whole ordeal where he yelled at a light man or was it a sound guy? Anyways...that definitely got brought up, watched, and talked about the entire rest of the day. "Oh, good for you"!!!!!! Good day! 

Sunday was also wonderful! Our one goal for this day was to see Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses. I had literally been listening to him over and over in anticipation. Let's just say we got there over an hour early so we could be as close as possible. Totally and completely worth it! If possible, he is better live. All in all it was completely worth it...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moving Again...

From my last post you all know that emmy lou and i moved yet again. The best part: we literally moved 2 houses down. If it is possible this house is even better than the last. Why? WE now have the best landlord known to man, who understands that Texas is in a drought and it is impossible to keep plants alive. Yes thats right our last landlord ripped 400 bones out of our deposit to pay for the the wimpy plants the home owner planted right before summer. She's a smart one. Emmy lou and I being the "we can do it, we don't need help despite the many offers decided to move our 2000SF house into 1000SF in one week by carrying all our furniture down the side walk. I am pretty sure our neighbors though we were crazy. It was only 100 big deal! We did however draw the line at the sofa...When all was said and done this is how we live for more than a week. Where's emmy lou? Can you find her?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Babs (in a snobby british accent)

So roomie and I have officially been asked to move out of our quirky 1940s house in central Austin. No big deal right? Well let's just say our landlord has been more than a handful to deal with. Side bar: I called her to let her know that there might be a gas leak in the house. Her response was: "It has been raining. All the humidity in the air is causing you to smell the gas. All that gas usual rises toward the ceiling so you don't smell it." Umm...NO. Under no circumstances should you ever smell gas in your home. Fail Landlord. I mean really do I look that stupid? (Don't answer that). I could go on, but I will have to say that might just be the cherry on the sunday. So...Today, roomie and I decided to go for a walk. Why we wanted to go for a walk when it is a 100 degrees outside I will never know, but we did. While walking in a not so quaint part of Austin we run across said landlord's for lease sign. I will admit it, not one of my proudest moments, but I may or may not have walked up to the sign pushed it over and darted off. I have had rough week and I am not going to made me feel better! Sue me! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swing the Day Away

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing." ~Helen Keller
While walking a few weeks ago room mate and I discovered a small little park complete with a water fountain play land, volleyball and tennis courts and of course my favorite, the swings. There is something so comforting and wonderful about losing yourself at the end of the day while swinging. Today was just one of those days where I wanted to run away to be and do something else in life. Here is the place where I can best image and dream about it. Thus far, this has been for us the place where we talk and dream about doing something more, traveling some where new, reminiscing about all those crazy moments we have shared together and reminding each other that God  has so many more incredible moments like those to come. At the end of the day room mate keeps me sane, keeps life interesting, full of laughter and inspires me to be a better person. 

While walking to our little get away room mate was telling me about the wedding she just returned from that was in Seattle. This of course spurred one of my favorite memories and what I say is a top 5 rosie and emmy lou debacle... If you know me you know that every year we go on an adventure together. A few years ago we decided to go to Seattle, but we decided we would not make a single reservation.  Mistake number one. After calling 19 places we find an available room at the Travelodge. Upon getting our key we discover we have to carry our 60 pound overstuffed suitcases, mistake number two, up the steepest set of stairs know to man. We look at the stairs and then at each other. WE CAN DO IT. Frustrated, tired and jet lagged it begins. I go first hoisting with two hands, tugging with all my might, moving one stair at time. Emily slowly moving behind. Both laughing so hard we are almost to tears. Only half way up the stairs I give up and I yell at the stairs "you are not ADA compliant". Really this is my argument? Since when are stairs ADA compliant? Finally making it all the way up 10 minutes later we begin to our room. In the corner, no windows, no lights. I am pretty sure emmy lou referred to it as murder corner. Trying to settle in we begin to notice that not only are the pictures screwed to the walls but also the headboard. At this point we are crying we are laughing so hard. The best part was the irony of the situation. We flew first class across the US to Seattle to stay in a by the hour hotel. Amazing. Shortly after meeting up with some friends we find out we are staying in Seattle's "red light" district, if you catch my drift. We were staying in a melting pot of action. I am pretty sure I was awake all night listening to the sirens rush by and waiting for some hooligan to bust through the door...Oh the fun we had....I wouldn't change a thing about that trip.

Besides almost being hit by a baseball (twice) it was the perfect end to a not so good day. 


I don't know if any of you out there have heard about this great app for the iPhone called Instagram, but it is officially my new obsession. I am pretty sure my friends all want to beat me every time they are with me. I was already obsessed with snapping photos, but now not only can I take photos, but I can also add filters to make them look like they were taken in the 70s. Love it! 

The Patti Griffin Concert at the Hotel San Jose
All proceeds benefiting the wild fires of Texas. Great Night!
Four of my favorite things: Live Music, Shiner, The San Jose and Firefighters...

Shady Grove with the Girls.
Live music every Thursday. This week was Suzanna Choffell.
Go listen to her now!

Do you see what I see?
If you look hard enough you just might be able to see me!

Everywhere I turn there is something to see! 

Not sure when this happened but apparently I love the color pink.
Growing up I would do anything to not wear a dress and I wouldn't touch pink with a ten foot pole. Now it is like a moth to a flame. What has the world come too??

It is never ending! I mean really? I am going to go ahead and admit this. DON'T JUDGE, but I was definitely at J.Crew on the men's side re-foldng these shirts so it would look just right! I might have even given someone a withering stare. Do I have a problem? 

Moral of the story: you can never take enough pictures or make enough memories.

ROCK and ROLL and the RADIO

Are you still in love with me
Like the way you used to be or is it changing?
Does it deepen over time like the river
That is winding through the Canyon?

Are you still in love with her?
Do you remember how you were before the sorrow?
Are you closer for the tears
Or has the weight of all the years left you hollow?

Are we strangers now?
Like the Ziegfeld Gal and the Vaudeville show?
Are we strangers now
Like rock and roll and the radio?
Like rock and roll and radio

I can see you lyin' there
Tying ribbons in your hair and pullin' faces
I can feel your hand in mine
Though were living separate lives in separate places

Are we strangers now?
Like the Ziegfeld Gal and the Vaudeville show?
Are we strangers now?
Like rock and roll and the radio?
Like rock and roll and radio

All these white lies hanging like flies on the wall
Hard wired, road tired
Counting curtain calls and waiting
Waiting for the axe to fall

Are you still in love with me
Like the way you used to be or is it changing?
Does it deepen over time, like the river
That is winding through the Canyon?

Are we strangers now?
Like the Ziegfeld Gal and the Vaudeville show?
Are we strangers now?
Like rock and roll and the radio?
Like rock and roll and radio