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Monday, July 11, 2011

Swing the Day Away

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing." ~Helen Keller
While walking a few weeks ago room mate and I discovered a small little park complete with a water fountain play land, volleyball and tennis courts and of course my favorite, the swings. There is something so comforting and wonderful about losing yourself at the end of the day while swinging. Today was just one of those days where I wanted to run away to be and do something else in life. Here is the place where I can best image and dream about it. Thus far, this has been for us the place where we talk and dream about doing something more, traveling some where new, reminiscing about all those crazy moments we have shared together and reminding each other that God  has so many more incredible moments like those to come. At the end of the day room mate keeps me sane, keeps life interesting, full of laughter and inspires me to be a better person. 

While walking to our little get away room mate was telling me about the wedding she just returned from that was in Seattle. This of course spurred one of my favorite memories and what I say is a top 5 rosie and emmy lou debacle... If you know me you know that every year we go on an adventure together. A few years ago we decided to go to Seattle, but we decided we would not make a single reservation.  Mistake number one. After calling 19 places we find an available room at the Travelodge. Upon getting our key we discover we have to carry our 60 pound overstuffed suitcases, mistake number two, up the steepest set of stairs know to man. We look at the stairs and then at each other. WE CAN DO IT. Frustrated, tired and jet lagged it begins. I go first hoisting with two hands, tugging with all my might, moving one stair at time. Emily slowly moving behind. Both laughing so hard we are almost to tears. Only half way up the stairs I give up and I yell at the stairs "you are not ADA compliant". Really this is my argument? Since when are stairs ADA compliant? Finally making it all the way up 10 minutes later we begin to our room. In the corner, no windows, no lights. I am pretty sure emmy lou referred to it as murder corner. Trying to settle in we begin to notice that not only are the pictures screwed to the walls but also the headboard. At this point we are crying we are laughing so hard. The best part was the irony of the situation. We flew first class across the US to Seattle to stay in a by the hour hotel. Amazing. Shortly after meeting up with some friends we find out we are staying in Seattle's "red light" district, if you catch my drift. We were staying in a melting pot of action. I am pretty sure I was awake all night listening to the sirens rush by and waiting for some hooligan to bust through the door...Oh the fun we had....I wouldn't change a thing about that trip.

Besides almost being hit by a baseball (twice) it was the perfect end to a not so good day. 

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